September 2008
July 2008 saw the departure of the Tall Ships from the Liverpool Docks, and like the Tall Ships, We are embarking on a new route to learning opportunities with the arrival of Train to Gain awards. Train to Gain is the National Skills Service that supports employers of all sizes and in all sectors to improve the skills of employees as a route to improving business
One other exciting aspect of Train to Gain is that it can now be accessed by self employed and volunteer staff.
In order to offer Train to Gain, we had to meet the exacting requirement of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and demonstrate the quality of our support and provision, we feel that gaining this recognition shows the excellent level of service we offer our clients.
Train to gain gives employers the chance to help staff gain a full level 2 qualification possibly using this to then move on to get a level 3 award. Because the qualifications are work based, the accreditation is given using National Vocational Qualifications NVQs.
The NVQs we can support using Train to Gain are:
Team leader & First line management
Health and Social Care
Learning & Development
Advice and Guidance
Customer Service
Distribution and Warehousing
Cleaning and Caretaking
If you have staff that may benefit from work related development and would like to know a little more about the funding, please give Sandra a call for more details.

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