Welcome to 2008
This promises to be an exciting year for the people of Liverpool with the start of their tenure as ‘European Capital of Culture’. It looks like the Learning Curve will be experiencing some changes, with increasing collaboration, introduction of new products and services along with the possibility of working outside of the UK!
The City of Liverpool has been planning the calendar of events for the past five years, as it has recognised the importance of detailed and considered planning to ensure success. The Learning Curve team have also been setting out its plans, resulting in the development of several Key Performance Indicators ( KPI’s) which means that we all have a clear idea of what each of us has to do to help the business succeed.
What about you? Have you spent some time over the festive season thinking about personal targets you might want to meet in 2008? If not, one of the services that we offer is career counselling. If you have, then we can provide a range of development options – some of this could be subsidised if you work in a small to medium sized business in the Merseyside area.

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 17 September 2019