Women into Management
Joan Darwin Programme Leader

Here at the Learning Curve we design and run many varied management training events, among these is a major programme entitled ‘Women into Management Programme’ which as its name suggests is targeted specifically at women managers
The Programme content covers all aspects of management skills and the course also provides an opportunity to gain an ILM national qualification. As it is an extensive project aimed at reaching as many women managers as possible, it has been run in two phases; Phase 1 began in October 2005 and was held at the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce – this has now been completed, and Phase 2 began in June 2006 at Knowsley Training and Conference Centre and is still running.
The workshops for the course are held at three weekly intervals over the lifetime of the programme and topics range from Managing Time People & Pressure to Employment Law. There are also arranged visits to the Employment Tribunal Office in Cunard Buildings to sit in on a hearing.
Having access to a programme such as this is of very real benefit to many women as it provides a unique, long-term and flexible opportunity for women to up-grade their management abilities at a pace and time that fits in with their schedules. The fact that so many topics are covered means that most aspects of management can be dealt with
After attending the 3 mandatory workshops, managers are free to select those that are most relevant to their needs as long as they attend a total of 10 in all - or alternatively they can attend every one should they wish. Each topic that a candidate attends is noted and credited on their personal records for the ILM.
There is also an excellent opportunity to network and develop strong connections with other women managers plus share experiences of people issues – both positive and negative and share what worked best for them.
A student’s view………..
“Most Training events will cover one topic and are usually one-day stand alone events costing quite a lot, the main advantage of this ‘Women into Management Programme’ in my view, is as long as you attend 10 then the opportunity is there to attend any number of workshops. This is very helpful as they cover most of the management topics all within this one programme. This, plus the long-term aspects and flexible nature of the entire course makes this a really useful and quite unique training opportunity"

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 17 September 2019