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Intermediate Food Hygene
Category: Food Hygiene
Duration: 3 days, plus 2 hour exam
Aimed at:
Supervisory staff in bars and restaurants, food shops, factories, nursing homes, etc.
Course Description
Provides a more detailed look at all aspects of food hygiene. Outlines the relationship between food hygiene and food poisoning and the costs of poor hygiene management. Recognises the potential for bacterial and physical contamination of food and measures available for prevention. Identifies the importance of providing and maintaining suitable conditions for the storage of food.
Course Contents
Food poisoning & food-borne disease
Food storage & temperature control
Pest control
Food preservation
Cleaning & disinfection
Personal hygiene
Design & construction of food premises/equipment
Physical contamination of food
Supervisory Management
The Intermediate Food Hygiene Certificate from the chartered Institute of Environmental Health Officers

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