Team Leader NVQ Certificate Level 2
Team Leader NVQ Certificate Level 2
Category: Team Leader
Duration: A minimum completion of 25 minimum credit values. This can take from two weeks to several months to complete.
Aimed at:
All team or cell leaders, especially those with leadership or co-ordinating responsibilities
Course Description
Whilst there are no formal entry requirements you do need to be working at the appropriate level to demonstrate competence, ideally people undertaking this qualification will be team leaders with responsibility for developing working relatinships with colleagues and team members, in their department or organisation .

This qualifiction requires the completion of 25 minimum credit values - Three mandatory units with a credit value of 10
Managing personal development
Develop working relatinships with colleagues
Communicate information and knowledge
Course Contents
- Select one optional unit from group B with a credit value of 5
- Select one optional unit from group C with a minimum credit value of 2

This award is designed to improve organisational performance through its strong focus on the individual's job role. Development of the individual team leader comes from highly practical programmes that can generate significant payback for the sponsor from cost savings and quality improvements. Time away from the workplace can be reduced by taking advantage of flexible programme design, combining resource-based learning with taught workshops. Existing internal short training sessions may also be suitable for incorporating into the programme structure.
How will I be assessed?

Knowledge Assessment (short answer questions) and a short presentation. Completion of a Mini-project

Will my employer be involved?

Hopefully yes! Many employers sponsor candidates and enjoy the benefits from improved business performance.

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