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Course Description
Good Customer Service is giving a little more than they expect. Excellent Customer Service is enjoying giving people a little more than they expect. It is details such as this that can make your company stand out amongst competitors. Customer Service can encompass anything from serving external customer with goods to providing internal customers or colleagues with products or services.
What is customer service?
The customer is always right!
Customers are often unpredictable, unrealistic, unfair or even wrong.
Customers are the key to whether a business will fail or succeed.
Meeting the customer's needs: in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price
Course Contents
this Qualification requires the completion of 28 Credit Value

8 Credit Value from the mandatory Units
A selection from the optional units with the credit value of 20
Operate service deliver systems for customers
Store, retrieve and supply information
Develop and maintain positive working relationships with customers
Solve problems for customers
Improve service reliability for customers
This qualification aims to enhance and improve the performance of customer service specialists within the workplace. They offer individuals the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification by demonstrating competence in the workplace.
Will my employer be involved?
Hopefully yes! Many employers sponsor candidates and enjoy the benefits from improved business performance.

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