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NVQ Management Level 7 Diploma
Category: Management
Aimed at:
Whilst there are no formal entry requirements you do need to be working at the appropriate level to demonstrate competence. Ideally people undertaking this qualification will be a senior manager with a high degree of autonomy for depleying resources and achieving strategic goals.
Course Description
Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is the Awarding Body for Specialist Management Qualifications – committed to developing qualifications to meet the needs of today’s managers at all levels across commerce and industry.
What does this Qualification cover?
This qualification assesses your competence against key areas of senior management. This qualification requires the completion of 45 minimum credit value (CV)

-3 mandatory units with a credit value of 27 CV
- A choice of 14 optional units needing a minimum credit value of 18.

The mandatory units are:

- Develop a strategic business plan
- Develop a strategic direction and leadership
- lead change in an organisation

What does this qualification offer you?
This qualification gives you the chance to gain formal recognition of your performance in the workplace. It assesses your knowledge and understanding of key activities in your job as a senior manager with a high degree of autonomy for deploying resources and achieving strategic goals. It also gives you an opportunity to develop your performance to become more personally effective.

You have the flexibility of completing this qualification unit by unit or in its entirety enabling you to fit around work demands and pressures.

How do I get started?
To get launched on this programme contact the Learning Curve on 0151 203 0205 today!

How will I be assessed?
Assessment will be related to your job or a situation with which you are familiar.

Will my employer be involved?
Hopefully yes! Many employers sponsor candidates and enjoy the benefits from improved business performance.

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