Competency Frameworks
In the 1980's the recognition that employees are a major asset to a business led to companies investing in the development of their staff. In the following decade, it was realised that the organisations needed to make sure that they attracted and retained the staff who 'fitted' into the ethos and culture of the business. This led to businesses beginning work to identify what key behaviours, namely, what is said and what is done by staff, that positively contributes to the achievement of the business objectives.
The listing of these competencies enables companies to devise procedures that will help them assess the 'fit' of potential employees and existing staff for posts that emerge in the organisation.
The competencies can be used to inform the recruitment, induction, appraisal and training processes within the business.
We can help businesses identify their key competencies and use this information to design company specific systems that will help develop staff to meet the needs of the business.

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 17 July 2019