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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What parts of the country do you cover?
We will work wherever a client wants us to. Currently we are working in North Wales, Scotland, North-west England and Holland.
Where will the training take place?
We deliver where our clients want us to, either in the workplace or off-site. We can organise venues to meet your requirements, whether that be a small meeting room through to a residential conference event.
Who is involved in delivering your programmes?
The client has a great deal of control over all aspects of the service delivery by us. We like to agree expectations jointly with the client and use this discussion to identify the team member who is best suited to the demands of the job. All our staff and associates have professional and practical experience behind them that allows them to offer a high standard of guidance and support.
How long will a formal award take?
The ILM Management awards have specific delivery hour requirements namely, Introductory Team Leader Award = 20 hours Full Team Leader Award = 60 hours Introductory Certificate in Supervisory Management = 30 hours Full Certificate in Supervisory Management = 240 hours Introductory Diploma in Management = 60 hours Full Diploma in Management = 240 hours
How long will an NVQ in Management take?
This is a difficult question to answer, as every person will have different levels of evidence available to support their claims for competence against the standards. As a rule of thumb it is possible to say: 6 - 10 months at Level 2 9 - 12 months at Level 3 10 - 14 months at Level 4 12 - 18 months at Level 5
Do you only work with large companies?
No, we have a varied client list that includes individuals paying for their own personal development, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as large organisations.
Can you provide funding for training and development?
We always try to seek potential sources of funding as part of our initial actions on behalf of a prospective client.
Does my company have to know about my training?
If you want to undertake a programme of development to help you advance your career, we are only willing to provide advice and guidance outside the workplace. However, if the development programme is centred on an NVQ you will need to make time to collect documents during your working day.
What will it cost?
As each service is individually tailored, we do not have set fee structure but a free quotation is available.
Can I pay in instalments?
What about a start date?
You name it and we'll start you on a course!
I work unsociable hours and shifts - will it prevent me joining on a course?
No, we have worked with clients who are on evening and night shift work. We have delivered courses before breakfast time to catch staff going onto the morning shift. Weekends are seen as an extension of the working week, so if you need to meet us on a Sunday morning we will be there!
What will it cost to meet with someone to discuss some ideas and seek information?
Nothing, we are always willing to meet and discuss all the options and consider all aspects of your requirements. We do this free of charge, as we want to make sure that you can make an informed decision.

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